The Parenting Playbook

Beyond Parental Leave

Strategies and policies for easing the transition back to work after parental leave.

For this guide, we focused our lens beyond leave and dove deeply into how companies can support parents throughout the long journey of returning to work after leave. Forget foosball - with tech's core millennial workforce now aging into the parenthood years, family friendliness is the new way to attract and retain talent. 

In this playbook we cover:  

Tried, tested and true strategies for creating a parent friendly workplace, from real parents in tech and beyond.

A  playbook focused on supporting new parents: strategies for all the ages stages and phases.



Covers the basics of designing a comprehensive parental leave program.

The Parenting Playbook

Covers the next 18+ years of supporting parents in the workplace.

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Who is the playbook written for? 

Owners, founders, executives and champions at small to medium sized Canadian tech companies. Many of the legal considerations and data provided is local to Toronto, Ontario, or Canada. 

We wrote this playbook for leaders of all kinds who want to leverage the power of parents and earn a reputation as a great place for parents to work.

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The Creators

Created in partnership with Fireside Conference

Anna Mackenzie

Daniel Levine

Steven Pulver

The parenting playbook developed as a series of conversations in the year after launching The Expecting Playbook (2017), a guide and pledge program focused on helping companies in Canada's tech community create and share meaningful parental leave policies. The Expecting Playbook helped launch many a parental leave policy, helping both founders and expecting parents navigate the challenges of balancing work and new babies. 

Written and Researched by:

Nora Jenkins Townson

Amanda Munday

Supported by the team at Fireside

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